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Home Safes Specialists in Melbourne

Safe Combo DialBy installing home safes in your house you can protect your more valuable possessions. This added layer of security is a worthwhile investment for any home. Safes don’t just protect against theft though, most safes also protect against fire which will save your valuables in case of a house fire. We can walk you through the various protective qualities of the safes in our inventory and even deliver and install them for your home.

emergency locksmith safe combinationA safe does little good though if you can’t open it yourself. We provide instructions and a step by step walk-through with all of our home safes so that our customers know the proper way to access them.

The locks on safes can wear over time and even become damaged if forced preventing them from working correctly. Our locksmiths are capable of repairing difficult or broken safe locks so that your old safe works just like it used to when it was first installed. Call today to schedule maintenance or repairs for your home safe.

We are a provider of locksmith services for Melbourne and the surrounding area. Whether you need help with home safes or have lost your keys our professionals can help you out anytime 24/7, even on holidays. All of our services are mobile so that we can bring our tools and skills to you, so don’t hesitate, call today to have us solve your locksmith problems.

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If you are having a problem opening your home safe, you’ll need:

  • Door Of SafeThe combination to the lock
  • The key to the safe, if it requires one
  • The safe’s manufacture details so you can contact them on your own


  • A reliable Locksmith service who can get you access, hassle-free

Ways to go about opening your Home Safe

  • First you should attempt using the key or combination that came with the safe when it was originally installed, if you forgot the combination it can be found in the instruction booklet that came with the safe.
  • In the case of home safes that require keys, you should order a replacement for a lost key if you can’t find it. Your safe manufacturer should be able to provide one for a small fee, which is cheaper than replacing the entire safe.
  • call emergency locksmith melbourneIf you still can’t find the combination for your house safe then you should contact your manufacturer with your safe’s details, including the serial number. The manufacturer’s phone number will be included with the instruction booklet for the safe.
  • However if you don’t have the time to wait for a replacement key, or are having difficulty retrieving your locks combination you may need an expert locksmith. Our locksmiths are trained in accessing a wide variety of home safes and keep up to date on the latest.
  • Call us and we’ll send over one of our professionals to have your home safe opened. When it comes to having your safe opened straight away one of our locksmiths is going to be your best bet.
  • Losing your key or combination doesn’t have to be the end of the world. With a little help from a local locksmith you’ll be to access your safe once again. So if you need access straight away call us and we’ll have you set up in no time at all with one of our mobile locksmiths, and we can also help with any other residential locksmith needs you might have.

24hr Hotline: (03) 8672 3267